Continuing Health Care Success For Our Clients

Piggy bank with stacks of money - care fees saved by Clarity Care Consulting being successful with CHC application

2nd April 2018

CHC funding Success

Piggy bank with stacks of money - care fees saved by Clarity Care Consulting being successful with CHC applicationWe’ve recently been successful in applying for Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding for two of our clients, individually saving them nearly £2000 per week in care fees. In both cases they had been privately funding their care for several years, paying approximately £86,000 per year.

Both clients receive our Monitoring Service, so we had the advantage of knowing them well which enabled us to advise on the appropriate time to apply for CHC funding.  As part of our supporting role, we attended the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings, acted as advocate for our clients, collated the evidence information required and provided one point of contact for the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), this was of benefit to our client’s, health and social care professionals and reassured our client’s family that the application was being followed up.

Although, these cases were successful in their application, and rightly so, there are times people come to us exasperated with the complexities of the system and at the point of giving up even applying or not bothering to appeal.

Frustrated with the health and social care system

Lynn Osborne of Clarity Care ConsultingWhat I find the most disappointing, is the lack of awareness and support from some health and social care professionals involved with the individual. Is it, they are so disillusioned with a system that is confused, time consuming and lengthy, therefore they try to avoid it at all costs to the detriment of the individual.  Sometimes, just starting the process can be the most frustrating. In both the cases mentioned above, the GP and District Nurses passed the case back and forth and shockingly appeared not to know how the system worked. How is it there is such a lack of awareness by health professionals of a National Framework for NHS funding?

It is apparent there is a need to provide better training for health professionals who are a key part of the process when instigating applications. It is often the District Nurses or GP people with the most complex needs turn to first, so it is understandable when patients are confused and frustrated with what feels like a lengthy and complicated procedure and are passed back and forth.

We appreciate this is public money, therefore the CCG’s have a duty to be prudent, however, the difficulty people experience in just starting the application to access CHC funding, can not only be frustrating, distressing but is unacceptable.. When making an application there is a constant need to follow up and chase with numerous telephone calls and emails which not all families have the energy or the inclination to do. How many families just give up and the opportunity of funding they may have been entitled to is missed?

One point of contact

Finding a care home for an elderly relativeWe have experience of applying for Continuing Health Care funding on a regular basis and support our clients and their families with the process by being that one point of contact to collate information required and liaise with the health and social care professionals involved, including care providers and care homes.  Gathering the evidence required can be a full-time task on its own and is key to the whole process.

If you need any help or advice about whether you or your family may qulify for continuing health care (CHC) or need any assistance with the CHC process, please call 02392 251351 and speak to one of our independent care advisors who will be happy to give you the right advice and guidance.

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