Contingency Planning

Planning in readiness for a possible emergency

“Every carer’s nightmare is to be admitted to hospital leaving the partner unable to cope at home. Well, it happened to me and the detailed contingency plan that Clarity had put in place really helped. Clarity Care assisted the family in sourcing a suitable respite home and facilitating admission which was made within 48 hours and supporting the family whilst doing so. I cannot thank them enough for the support and expertise given.”

Mr W, New Forest, Hampshire

Key Elements In One Place

Our personalised plan identifies possible situations and events that may occur at some point in the future and will set out key actions to be taken by family members and professionals. It provides peace of mind to families in the event of a crisis.

Typical Scenarios

  • I want to visit Dad in hospital but I can’t leave Mum on her own!
  • Who is going to look after Mum, she has dementia?
  • How do I find the care she needs, fast?
  • How can I manage work, the house, children and still be able to stay with Mum?

Our Approach

Our team of Independent Care Advisors will work closely with the older person, their family and/or representatives to ensure up-to-date and relevant information is captured in our plan. The contingency plan will become the point of reference to inform those required to make decisions, should a crisis occur.


If you are in a crisis, or need to find care for a loved one, or just want to know more about Clarity Care Consulting, please contact us.

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