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Our Ethos

Care needs of the elderly change over time and although it can be a great relief to have put care services in place to meet the initial needs, it is important that the level of care and the quality of care provided and monitored regularly to ensure that the level of service quality being provided is being maintained and the level of need is still being met. This can be particularly challenging and stressful for family members, especially for those living a great distance away from their elderly relative.

We are happy to act as your eyes and ears, keeping in regular contact with your elderly relative as well as the companies who are providing care services and making regular visits to make sure everything is OK, to give you the peace of mind you need.

Our Approach to peace of mind care monitoring

If we have been involved with the arrangement of the care services that are in place then we will have already built a relationship with you, your elderly relative and the care service providers. If that isn’t the case then we will initially spend some time with you and your elderly relative to understand the level of care needs you require and then spend some time with the care provider to ensure they are meeting that need.

Each monitoring package is unique as we tailor it to the needs of the person we are monitoring it for, but it is made up of:

  • Visits to see the person receiving care;
  • Telephone calls to the person receiving care, as additional remote contacts;
  • Regular discussions and meetings with the care service providers;
  • Updates and reports on monitoring findings

If you feel a monitoring service would give you peace of mind that your elderly relative is receiving the care they require, please call us on 02392 251351 or complete the contact form below giving as many details as possible and we will reply as soon as we can.

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