Planning a holiday but caring for an elderly relative.

19th January 2015

Wish you were here - you can be

It’s January, the TV and Sunday supplements are full of holiday adverts enticing people to start planning their holidays.  However, for those families acting as carers for an elderly relative, a holiday feels like the impossible dream.

The last experience of a holiday for one of our clients left Mrs.M feeling she couldn’t take another. Whilst sat on her sun bed, her mind would wander back home, has dad eaten? Is he lonely? What if he falls?  The guilt started to creep in and before she knew it, she would be back in her hotel room calling home.

Under pressure from her own family to take a holiday, Mrs.M from Hampshire took advantage of Clarity Care Consulting Care Monitoring Service.  This service offers reassurance and peace of mind to carers wanting to take a break but don’t know how.

Mrs M’s father has early onset dementia and although manages very well, he is reliant on his daughter visiting on a daily basis to ensure he remains living independently in his own home.  Although respite in a care home is an option, Mrs.M didn’t like the idea neither did her father.

So we offered our Care Monitoring Service.

  • Clarity Care Consulting acted as her eyes and ears, while she enjoyed a well earned holiday with her family. 
  • We screened and arranged good quality support provided by a care agency to ensure meals were provided and medication taken.
  • We monitored the support being provided by the agency
  • We visited Mrs.M’s father while she was away and were available 7 days a week to respond to emergencies

Mrs. M took a one week holiday with peace of mind knowing that someone was looking out for her father, came back feeling refreshed and invigorated and is now planning a longer holiday later this year.




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