The Royal Bournemouth Hospital is to give so-called “bed blockers” seven days to leave or face possible legal action, saying too many families are refusing to take elderly relatives home when they are fit to go. While we can’t comment on the individual circumstances highlighted we know that for our Clients this is not the case.  Their families are desperate to get them home or to find a residential home that will give them the care they need.   The real problem is the lack of advice and information available to help them find that care.  Families are often not aware of the range of benefits and community resources available to them, which  may help their elderly relative remain in their own home.   Where a move to a care home is needed they are faced with a bewildering choice and often having chosen a home they like find it’s not affordable or there are no vacancies! At Clarity Care Consulting we believe everyone should have access to independent care advice and support.  A concerted effort to improve the availability of this support will be far more effective than threatening legal action in freeing up valuable hospital beds.