Going the extra mile to find a care home

20th February 2015

Going the extra mile for our client

Our recent case requiring our personalised Care Home search service left us asking the question is there a shortage of expertise to support people living with Dementia who have higher needs?  Being told there is a shortage of beds is bad enough and something we are fully aware of but when we were told our client won’t “fit” in with other residents, where do care homes expect people to go?

Many care homes are registered to provide dementia services and some are noted as specialists, but in reality not all are able to help.   Fortunately, we were able to resolve this issue for our Client and found a home willing to discuss the underlying issues and offer solutions, rather than put additional barriers in the way for his family.

People who have experienced the process of looking for a care home will understand how distressing and time consuming it can be.  We often hear people say to us “if only I’d known about you” (this really should be our strap line).  When people first contact us, they are generally feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  In between juggling family and work commitments they have to find the time to look through the internet or book and make time to visit homes. Doing all this when you live hundreds of miles away from your elderly parents can present even more of a challenge.

This was the case for our client who lived in Scotland when he approached us to help find a care home for his father in Hampshire. Following his father’s long spell in hospital, he was anxious about the logistics of searching for homes when he lived so far away and concerned about his mother trying to do it alone. He was also worried about how his mother would be able to visit his father as she didn’t drive.

Understandably for all our clients the care for their loved is at the forefront of their mind and ours too but we also like to consider the family as a whole where we can.  Taking into account the needs of the our client’s mother, in addition to his father was imperative and working with both parents we ensured we found a care home who were able to meet his care needs, within their financial remit and geographically within easy access for his mother to visit.

In addition, we were also able to source a local volunteer driver group to take our clients mother to and from the care home at times that suited her, therefore not reliant on bus journeys.

This provided peace of mind to her son knowing his father was settled in good care home with quality care and his mother was able to visit on a regular basis and in using a local community service was taken door to door.

Our Client said………

This was the first experience of finding a care home within my close family and we obviously wanted to do the best we could. However, anybody who is looking into this will quickly see that it is a complex and sometimes confusing process. We were very glad that we were put in touch with Clarity Care Consulting and found their knowledge, help and level of service to be extremely valuable’

Mr M., Aberdeenshire’

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