Isn’t it about time you took a holiday?

25th June 2015

Planning a holiday

Wish you were here – you can be

Caring for an elderly relative is a massive commitment, whether you provide full time care or pop in every day to check that they are okay.

Time marches on…

If you regularly look after an elderly relative who is house bound then you will probably notice how quickly time flies. Days lead to weeks, weeks to months and before you know it, you may suddenly realise it has been over a year since you last had a holiday or even a weekend away.

Your time is precious and limited

This type of regular commitment can put a strain on the whole family. You may feel that your loyalties are split between your husband or wife, your children and an elderly parent. Who do you look after first? Who do you help first? Who needs you the most? Who has your time?

It can be exhausting as you constantly juggle your time between everyone. At some point you are going to need a break to recharge your batteries and get some rest.

About our Care Monitoring Service

We’re there when you can’t be. This service is excellent for: families living a distance away from an elderly relative; families wishing to book a holiday and requiring someone to keep an eye on their relative during their absence.

Our Care Monitoring Service offers reassurance and peace of mind. Acting as a local point of contact, we co-ordinate and oversee the care for our clients. We will alert a family member to any issues that arise and provide regular updates for your peace of mind.

No need to worry about being away from a relative. We will look out for their well-being and health to ensure that they are comfortable and safe.

How does the Care Monitoring Service work?

Clarity Care Consulting will act as a central point of contact for you and your elderly relative. We will co-ordinate and bring together services that may be required at any one time. The service providers we work with include: care companies, district nurses, physiotherapists, special needs equipment providers and local community or charity groups for the elderly.


Everyone needs a holiday at some time

Your well-being and family relationships may suffer if you do not take some form of a break or rest. Everyone needs a holiday, a change from the ‘every day’. Why not book a week away with your other half and the children or friends? Sit in the sun, swim, sightsee, hold hands, reconnect with loved ones and above all do not worry – we have everything in hand over here and will ensure that all services are working together to provide your relative with excellent care whilst you are away.

We will keep you updated

We will arrange a convenient time to call you with an update whilst you are away. You will always have our contact details and are welcome to call us at any time with any questions or concerns.

Peace of mind

We will treat your relative as one of our own. We will co-ordinate the support that your relative requires to ensure that they are safe, secure and cared for the entire time you are away. You give your relative time and love so we know how important they are to you – whilst you are away they will be just as important to us.

Contact us

If you are in need of a holiday and require someone to be your eyes and ears, then call Lynn Osborne, Owner of Clarity Care Consulting on 0845 2692382 to speak to her about holiday cover whilst you are away or visit Our Services page.

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