We want to go on holiday but are caring for Mum and Dad

11th March 2016

Man on holiday fishingAs we move into Spring, most people’s thoughts turn towards Summer and planning holidays. However, if you are caring for an elderly relative those plans become much more challenging and often don’t get made at all due to concerns over who will look after mum and dad whilst we’re away, what would we do if something happens whilst we’re away and many other considerations of a similar nature. These concerns are natural and understandable, but not going on holiday can lead to pressures for the family, can cause resentment towards the person you care for and can also sometimes lead to your elderly relative becoming quite stressed as they are often aware of the “problem” they are causing.

Sunshine on holidayMany of our clients have spoken to us about this in the past. It got us thinking about ways we can help with the services we offer and we’re pleased to say there are a number of ways we can help. One solution is for us to offer you a short term version of our Peace of mind service, where we provide a frequent monitoring service whilst you are away.  We may also need to arrange for some short term care services to help, which we can also arrange for you as part of the package.

Last year we did this for a client’s mum, which allowed him and his wife to go abroad for two weeks for the first time in many years. This gave him and his wife a chance to recharge their batteries, knowing that Mum was being looked after. We visited his Mum regularly and provided frequent e-mail updates to them via e-mail so they knew everything was going well.

Cruise Liner Carer HolidayAnother option could be for all of you to go on a cruise together, along with a carer who can provide the personal care required for your relative. Should your relative require additional equipment to help with their mobility then we can help arrange that to be available on-board ship, as we have developed a business partnership with a company that specialises in this.

If you are interested in either of our holiday services, please call us on 02392 251351 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you.

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