We’ll keep a watchful eye on your relative with our Care Monitoring Service

8th June 2015

Care Monitoring Service from Clarity Care Consulting

Use our Care Monitoring Service for peace of mind

If you live a long distance away from an elderly relative then it is likely that they are never far from your thoughts. The Care Monitoring Service provided by Clarity Care Consulting can help you to help them.

Questions, questions, questions
Are they warm enough? Are they too warm? Have they eaten? Are they taking in enough fluids? Are they mobile? Can they look after themselves? These are the types of questions that you probably ask yourself on a regular basis.

It’s tough being miles away and not knowing for sure. Phone calls with your relative can help although these sometimes add to the worry! Neighbours can be a Godsend if they have a key and can check on your relative every now and again but ultimately the responsibility lies with you. You may live abroad or the other side of the country and find that travelling to visit them is difficult due to work or family commitments.

Is moving an option?
Your elderly relative may have lived in the same house for years. It is familiar to them, they know the area, they know some of the neighbours, they know the doctor and they may refuse to move closer to you.

How can this situation be resolved?
At Clarity Care Consulting, we provide a Care Monitoring Service. This means that we will regularly monitor and visit your relative. If a care agency is involved, then we will work alongside them to ensure that your loved one is cared for in the way they wish. We will be a central point of contact for you and your relative, providing regular updates and available if there are any questions.

The safety and well-being of every person that we monitor is our main concern which is why we work so hard as a company to provide an excellent standard of service for our clients.

Care Monitoring Service – the details
Below is a snap shot of the services that we provide:

  • We co-ordinate various care service providers to ensure that a good quality care package is in place.
  • We work with care companies, district nurses, meal delivery companies, local charities and support groups to do this.
  • Care packages provide reassurance that an elderly person is eating properly, taking their medication correctly and accessing specialist equipment to make their life easier.
  • We also introduce them to social or community groups, should they be interested in joining and these can often lead to a more fulfilling life for someone who may be prone to loneliness.
  • A member of our team will be available seven days a week in case of emergencies.
  • We will arrange regular visits and spot checks.
  • We will provide you with frequent updates.

If you would like to find out more details and the monthly cost for our service, then please contact Lynn Osborne at Clarity Care Consulting on 0845 2692382 for more information or visit Our Services page.

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