Fireworks display - taking carre of the elderly on Bonfire NightWith Halloween over with we are fast approaching Bonfire Night. With many of us attending local firework displays and bonfire parties with our loved ones, there will be many vulnerable people who will be scared and confused. The weekend as a whole could be very confusing causing heightened anxiety for those who have Dementia, especially war veterans.  The noise and smells can take them back to when they experienced the blitz and can be a frightening time for them.

  • If you are hosting a bonfire party ensure you inform any elderly neighbours of your plans and times you are planning on setting fireworks off.
  • Check on your elderly neighbours/relatives throughout the weekend and offer to keep them company and reassure them.
  • Never leave someone with Dementia alone. If they want to have a look help them to the door.
  • Distraction – turn the TV volume up and watch a film.
  • Ear defenders help to block out the noise from the fireworks.
  • Close curtains earlier than normal to block out the flashes from the fireworks.
  • If you are a carer for a vulnerable person, check where the local firework displays are and times. This will help you to prepare the person who needs reassurance for the noise, lights, crowds of people and smells.