Reflections at a funeral

Funeral Flowers

29th January 2017

Funeral FlowersReflections at a funeral

One of the sad things about the work we do helping find care for the elderly, is that inevitably some of our clients pass away. In recent weeks, I have attended funeral services for two clients and family have been kind enough to invite me both to the service and to the wake afterwards.

One of the things I always find fascinating when I attend these is learning about what our clients did during their lives. My team and I get some insight as we work with the family to find care, but this rarely covers the depth of stories and reflections that happen at funerals. We have worked with some amazing people over the years and hearing their stories is inspirational.

The Clarity Care Consulting Team - Lynn Osborne, Dave James and Emma LindsayAnother benefit I get from attending is the positive feedback I receive about the help and support my team and I have provided to the family by finding good quality care for their elderly relative and helping them through the crisis they were facing at the time and, in many cases, the on-going support we have provided through our peace of mind service. Choosing care services is very stressful for family who are often being pressured to find a solution by social workers, doctors and nurses in hospitals, as there is such high demand for the hospital bed.

Carer with elderly ladyThe carers who have provided the care we have arranged are usually invited too and it is lovely to hear the stories they tell of how they have developed friendships with the elderly people they are caring for. At one recent service, one of the carers had written a really moving poem about the time they had spent with their client and this was shared at the funeral. It just showed how much she cared and how clearly appreciative the family were of her and her colleagues support. It was a delight to sit with professional carers who clearly loved their job both in residential care and working for a care agency.

Lynn Osborne of Clarity Care ConsultingDuring busy times for our company it is easy to lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing, especially when the national press are busy recounting stories of poor quality care. Hearing these stories acts as a great reminder that there are good quality care services available if you know what to look for and why we provide the service we do, going the extra mile to find the best quality care service available.

If you need help finding care services for an elderly relative, please contact the Clarity Care Consulting team by phoning us on 02392 251351 or e-mailing us at [email protected].

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