Dementia Diagnosis

Clarity Care Consulting and Alzheimer's Society Against Dementia - Badge featuring Lynn Osborne, Emma Lindsay and Dave James of Clarity Care Consulting

16th May 2017

Dementia Diagnosis – what does it mean for me and my loved ones?

Clarity Care Consulting and Alzheimer's Society Against Dementia - Badge featuring Lynn Osborne, Emma Lindsay and Dave James of Clarity Care ConsultingFor many people receiving a Dementia diagnosis it can be a terrifying time for all involved, especially for the person receiving the diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is still the ‘stigma’ surrounding this awful disease and many people do not know who turn to.

Elderly woman covering her face with handsIt is an emotional time and there is ‘no right or wrong way to feel’. Senses of sadness, shock, denial, fear of losing control and becoming a burden to your loved ones are all common experiences. A sense of relief is also ok and can mean yourself and your loved ones can finally come to terms with what is happening and move forward and prepare for the future.

For many, the emotional process can take its time and talking to your loved ones in an open and honest way with each other about the challenges you will be faced with in the future and finding solutions together is paramount.

Researching local connections and support and exercise groups early on can be beneficial. By doing so you are able to build relationships that could be beneficial for Grandfather with granddaughteryourself and loved ones in the future. Talking openly about the diagnosis in front of young children, such as grandchildren will assist them in adapt and understand what is happening more quickly compared to a crisis situation when everyone is upset and causes them to become confused and unsettled.

Preparing memory boxes, photo books and compiling family videos is also a way to reconnect as a family and will enable everyone involved to reminisce the fond family memories in the future.

At Clarity Care Consulting we provide a variety of services for our clients that are bespoke to them and their loved ones.  We listen to their worries and provide reassurance that we will find the correct care and support for them and their loved ones moving forward. We have many connections to various services and health care professionals within local communities and put many of these in place on top of their daily care needs.

For our clients who choose to move into a care home we research and visit care homes within the geographical area our client wishes to move to and visit them and provide a report with our recommendations for them to choose from. Once our client has moved into their new home we always ensure they have everything they need. We regularly put in place a companionship service to visit our clients who can take them out and accompany them on personal appointments to ensure their independence remains. For their loved ones who are still at home and unable to visit independently we will ensure another companionship/taxi service is in place. This service is great for older vulnerable people because they ensure they are home and indoors safely.

Clarity Care Consulting peace of mind care monitoring in actionShould our clients who wish to remain in their own home, we research care agencies in the area and oversee the care agency putting their care package in place. We have connections to local community Opticians, Audiologists, Dentists, private Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who will visit people in their own home when they are unable to meet appointments outside of their house. Gardeners, cleaning companies and other services our clients may need will also be put in place to ensure their daily life and needs are met and to avoid crisis situations arising.

If you have a relative or friend who has been diagnosed with dementia and would like to know more, please call the Clarity Care Consulting team on 02392 251351 and we will be happy to provide you with advice and guidance.

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