Support for older people and their families

1st July 2015

Support for older people and their families

Getting the care and help they need, when and where they need it
Have you thought about your relatives getting older? How will you cope, who will help them? What will you need to do? Sometimes we do not want to think about it until it happens.

As our nearest and dearest get older, the advancing years can often bring associated health problems including dementia and frailness. You may suddenly be responsible for finding help for your relative at home or looking for a care or nursing home.

Where on earth do you start?
With so many options and scare stories in the news about challenges to the care industry, it may seem like a complicated puzzle in which you have to pick your way through with no expertise or knowledge. Throw into the situation high emotions, stress and worry and you have a very explosive mix.

This is where we come in
Clarity Care Consulting provides an experienced, friendly, ‘hand-holding’ service for families to help them cut through the complications of finding care and instead smoothing the way with support and practical advice. We will provide one point of contact who will help you to:

  • Find a suitable care home or a nursing home for a relative.
  • Arrange a care package for a relative at home.
  • Source holiday cover for you, if you are a primary carer.
  • Find out how to pay for the cost of care by putting you in touch with independent financial advisers who specialise in finance for the elderly and finance for long term care.

Case Studies and Testimonials
We have helped many families to sort out care for a loved one. Please visit our ‘Case Studies‘ page to read some of our case studies.

“Thanks to your expert knowledge of the way that NHS, Social Services and private care agencies work – or, sometimes, don’t work – we were able to secure the best possible care for Mum at every stage of what turned out to be her final illness.” Mrs. A, Surrey

“Without your practical – and moral – support, the last few months would have been an absolute nightmare, for us all. You were always there at the end of the phone to reassure and support us.” Mrs. L, Edinburgh

Clarity Care Consulting
We work closely with an experienced team of health and social care professionals to ensure our Clients get the care they need. These include occupational therapists, independent social workers and physiotherapists. We also have links with specialist charities, equipment providers and local community nurses.

Founded on the principles of respect and dignity, our aim is to support older people and their families in getting the care and help they need, when and where they need it.

Contact us
To find out more about the services that we offer, please call Lynn Osborne, owner at Clarity Care Consulting on 0845 2692382 or visit our ‘Services‘ page.

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