Tailor-made care at home – a case study

Tailor-made care at home

Tailor Made Home Care

Tailor Made Home Care

As a company we work closely with local solicitors providing advice and information on care related issues as and when required.  Solicitors also refer clients to us who may need more specialised support.

Mrs. A was one such case.  Aged 81 she had been admitted to hospital following a fall in which she broke her leg. Lacking any close family nearby she contacted her solicitor concerned about what care she would receive and how it would be managed when she was eventually discharged from hospital.  Her solicitor referred her to Clarity Care Consulting and we went to visit her on a busy ward in a major hospital.

When we arrived Mrs. A was very distressed as there was talk of her being discharged from the hospital she was in to a community hospital some distance from her home, which would prevent her friends from being able to visit her. After intervening on her behalf it was agreed that she would be transferred to a local hospital where we continued to visit her and liaise with her GP, nursing staff and occupational therapy about her wishes for her eventual return home.   Mrs. A was very independent and had a clear view on the type of support she wanted and on several occasions we advocated on her behalf to ensure that these were taken into account and that creative solutions could be found rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Towards the end of her stay in hospital Mrs. A was transferred again to a major hospital for intensive rehabilitation.  During this time we worked closely with the occupational therapy team to ensure a package of support and equipment was agreed, which Mrs. A was happy with and which would ensure her safety. This included visiting Mrs. A’s house with the occupational therapists, agreeing what equipment was to be installed and researching alternative options where necessary.

In preparation for her return home Mrs. A was keen to ensure that she had sufficient support at home to promote both her recovery and her independence.  Working on her behalf we researched a number of live-in care companies and organised a live-in care package for an initial period of two weeks following her return home.  Additional physiotherapy to support her recovery was also arranged along with the installation of a “telecare” community alarm system so she would have a sense of security should she have another fall.

At the end of the two weeks a further domiciliary home care package was arranged providing daily care visits and giving Mrs. A that little bit of extra support as she continued her recovery.  Throughout this period we provided Mrs. A’s solicitor with regular updates and details of relevant costs.

After nearly three months in hospital Mrs. A returned to her own home on her own terms.  With our help she was able to have the care she needed when and where she wanted it and her solicitor was able to focus on her legal affairs knowing that his client was well supported.

If you need help finding care at home services for an elderly relative or friend, or are a solicitor representing elderly clients who could benefit from our Care Management services, please call Clarity Care Consulting on 02392 251351.