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Happy Birthday to Us.

This month Clarity Care Consulting are celebrating our 7th birthday and I am taking the time to look back on the journey I have taken over those years and looking forward to the work that my team and I will be doing in 2017 and beyond. When I took the decision to form Clarity Care Consulting […]

When the weather hots up, is your gran cool?

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Last week we saw temperatures of over 28 degrees Celsius. When the weather hots up, many of us rejoice at warmer days and sunshine – it means that the summer is well and truly here. However, this extreme heat can have an adverse effect on the elderly.   If an older adult is housebound they […]

Support for older people and their families

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Getting the care and help they need, when and where they need it Have you thought about your relatives getting older? How will you cope, who will help them? What will you need to do? Sometimes we do not want to think about it until it happens. As our nearest and dearest get older, the […]

Isn’t it about time you took a holiday?

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Caring for an elderly relative is a massive commitment, whether you provide full time care or pop in every day to check that they are okay. Time marches on… If you regularly look after an elderly relative who is house bound then you will probably notice how quickly time flies. Days lead to weeks, weeks […]

Help your relative out of the hospital bed trap

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Age UK Report Age UK recently released a report stating that many patients are trapped in their hospital beds because they have nowhere to go to and are unable to access adequate care at home, due to a shortage of care services. Elderly people are “trapped” in English hospitals in ever greater numbers as there […]

The News Best of Health Awards

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This year Clarity Care Consulting has chosen to enter the Portsmouth News Best of Health Awards which will be held in October this year. We decided to do this to raise the profile of the health and care sector and promote the positive aspects of care. We also hope to make more people aware of […]

We’ll keep a watchful eye on your relative with our Care Monitoring Service

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If you live a long distance away from an elderly relative then it is likely that they are never far from your thoughts. The Care Monitoring Service provided by Clarity Care Consulting can help you to help them. Questions, questions, questions Are they warm enough? Are they too warm? Have they eaten? Are they taking […]