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Reflections at a funeral

Reflections at a funeral One of the sad things about the work we do helping find care for the elderly, is that inevitably some of our clients pass away. In recent weeks, I have attended funeral services for two clients and family have been kind enough to invite me both to the service and to […]

Merry Christmas from Clarity Care Consulting

The Christmas and New Year holidays are fast approaching and my team and I wanted to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Spare a thought for carers at Christmas Care doesn’t stop just because it is Christmas though. Residential care and nursing homes are 24×7 operations and domiciliary and home […]

Hospital discharges – managing the pressure to find care

Pressures on NHS hospital services The NHS has been under tremendous pressure with the delivery of services throughout 2016 and this is most visible within our major hospitals. Our local hospital, The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, has been full (often called being on black alert) on numerous occasions and was recently featured in a […]

Happy Birthday to Us.

This month Clarity Care Consulting are celebrating our 7th birthday and I am taking the time to look back on the journey I have taken over those years and looking forward to the work that my team and I will be doing in 2017 and beyond. When I took the decision to form Clarity Care Consulting […]

Autumn has arrived – top tips for elderly and vulnerable people

Autumn and winter top tips for elderly and vulnerable people Autumn has arrived and although the trees are all looking beautiful as the leaves change colour, it can be a cause of concern for the elderly and vulnerable, so here are some tips for things to do to make it as safe as possible: Ensure […]

So many types of care, what do they all mean?

Each industry and service has its own phrases and terms, and it’s amazing how easy it is when you work within an industry to assume that everybody knows what you mean when you say something. The care industry is no different and this was highlighted to me recently through some work I have been doing with one […]

Helping more people find care

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At the start of this year I set myself a goal to expand the team at Clarity allowing us to support more families with finding care for their loved ones.   I’m pleased and excited to say that I achieved the business growth targets I’d set earlier in the Summer and this month welcomed Dave James […]

Inspiration in care

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One of the really nice things about the work I do in helping to find care is when the opportunity arises to meet inspiring people working in and around the care sector and in the last week I’ve been fortunate enough to meet three inspiring people. Last Tuesday I was invited to attend an event […]

The Sound of Music and the Superheroes of Care

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There is a lot going on in the world of care this week which is keeping us very busy. The most important thing that is happening is that it is national carers week, with organisations from all over the country promoting the amazing work that carers do. They really are superheroes and so often are […]

The challenges of hospital discharges

There have been a number of recent news articles relating to the challenges currently being faced by families trying to get their elderly relatives discharged from hospital and into a social care setting. These were prompted by a recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) highlighting the estimated cost of delayed hospital discharges to the NHS […]