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The challenges of hospital discharges

There have been a number of recent news articles relating to the challenges currently being faced by families trying to get their elderly relatives discharged from hospital and into a social care setting. These were prompted by a recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) highlighting the estimated cost of delayed hospital discharges to the NHS […]

We want to go on holiday but are caring for Mum and Dad

As we move into Spring, most people’s thoughts turn towards Summer and planning holidays. However, if you are caring for an elderly relative those plans become much more challenging and often don’t get made at all due to concerns over who will look after mum and dad whilst we’re away, what would we do if […]

Care at Christmas and New Year

We were so busy in the run up to Christmas that we didn’t get the chance to publish our December newsletter wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, so we’re writing a slightly early Happy New Year one instead. December is always a busy time in the care industry, with hospitals trying very hard to get people […]

Care homes aren’t the only option for hospital discharges.

Care homes aren’t the only option for hospital discharges. Most people believe that once an elderly person is taken into hospital it is the start of a one way journey to a care home or nursing home and once there, they are never coming home again, but I want to dispel this myth, as it […]

The Best of Health Awards 2015

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  On Friday I spent the evening at Portsmouth Guildhall attending The News Best of Health Awards 2015, as I  had been nominated for awards by a number of my clients and had made the short list of 6 candidates for The Unsung Hero award. I am very humbled that so many of my clients […]

The internet and the elderly

The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is often applied when the subject comes up of elderly people using computers, the internet and the fast developing world of smart phones and tablet computers, but a recent experience in our family goes to show that this isn’t true. My 82 year old mother-in-law […]

How we helped Client delayed in NHS hospital bed

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Yet again the NHS hits the headlines and the issue with people having to remain in hospital due to lack of services available to allow them to go home. This BBC article highlights the need for the type of services Clarity can provide whether looking for care homes or care at home we can help. […]

When the weather hots up, is your gran cool?

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Last week we saw temperatures of over 28 degrees Celsius. When the weather hots up, many of us rejoice at warmer days and sunshine – it means that the summer is well and truly here. However, this extreme heat can have an adverse effect on the elderly.   If an older adult is housebound they […]

Support for older people and their families

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Getting the care and help they need, when and where they need it Have you thought about your relatives getting older? How will you cope, who will help them? What will you need to do? Sometimes we do not want to think about it until it happens. As our nearest and dearest get older, the […]

Isn’t it about time you took a holiday?

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Caring for an elderly relative is a massive commitment, whether you provide full time care or pop in every day to check that they are okay. Time marches on… If you regularly look after an elderly relative who is house bound then you will probably notice how quickly time flies. Days lead to weeks, weeks […]